Sandwiches, pizza, burgers, spaghetti, out of all of the foods in the world, tacos are by far the best. This isn’t just a matter of opinion either, it is a proven fact. Well, maybe it is just an opinion, but one shared by millions of taco lovers.

Everybody knows that tacos are the best food in the world, but not everybody understands why this delicacy is at the top of the food chain. Tacos, a traditional Mexican dish, are delicious, colorful and cultural. Tacos can be filled with anything you desire and tacos can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In fact, you might feel like eating a taco right now.

If so, head on over to Hops N Guac, your favorite Mexican restaurant in Huntsville, and have some tacos. In the meantime, here is a list of reasons why we love tacos so much.

Tacos Make You Happy

Have you ever seen somebody cry while eating a taco? Of course not. If you see somebody crying, it is probably because they want tacos.

A Taco is Basically a Sandwich

Much like a glorious BLT, PB and J or Rueben, a taco is basically a sandwich with a hard or soft shell. You have your flour or corn tortilla that envelopes the scrumptious ingredients that fill them.

Tacos are for All Diets

Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or carnivore, there is a taco for you. No matter what your diet, tacos can be filled with all of your favorite ingredients.

Tacos are Made in Batches

Nobody just makes one taco and is satisfied with it. Tacos are made in batches, so if you want more than one, there are plenty to choose from.

Tacos are Culturally Diverse

You can serve tacos and use it as an opportunity to teach your kids a little simple Spanish. You can also eat tacos and teach your children fun facts about our neighbor to the south. You can then discuss the similarities and differences of our foods and cultures.

Tacos Make Memories

You can bet that your children will grow up and keep those fond memories formed on taco night. Taco night is as easy as paying a visit to Hops N Guac.


If you need an excuse to eat guacamole, serve tacos. Mmmmmmmm, guacamole.

Feed the Crowd

Taco ingredients are inexpensive and tacos are easy and quick to prepare, so they make the perfect food when you have company.

If you celebrate Independence Day or Labor Day by having a taco bar, everybody you know will show up for sure.

Tacos Show Off Your Culinary Skills

If you are the type of person who can’t make toast without burning it, you should give making tacos a shot. Aside from basic chopping skills, which you can bypass in many cases, you don’t need a whole lot of cooking skills to create tacos.

When you make tacos, people are impressed by the colors, flavors and, of course, the taste. It looks like you spent all afternoon in the kitchen, but you didn’t.

Clean Up is a Breeze

First off, tacos are so good that there are never any leftovers. Your family will inhale every single taco you make.

If you really are feeling down and don’t want to mess up the kitchen, take the family out for tacos. Let our staff serve and clean up after you.

Tacos are Magical

You might have picky eaters in your family who refuse to eat fish or some types of vegetables. But when these ingredients are in tacos, nobody notices and they eat them anyway. Even the pickiest of eaters look forward to taco night.

Tacos are Fun for All

Even if you aren’t eating a taco yourself, watching someone else eating a taco is just as fun.

So Many Sauces

You can garnish your tacos with sour cream, guacamole, hot sauce and salsa, and this is just a partial list of what you can add to your tacos.

So if you are hungry and don’t know exactly what you want, think about going out for tacos. We mean you need to put your smartphone down, get dressed and head to Hops N Guac right now.