You can’t help but feel bad for Monday, it gets such a bad rap. It would be quite a task to find anybody who actually looks forward to Mondays. Sunday night is, without a doubt, the saddest night of the week because this is when you come to the sober realization that Monday morning is just a few short hours away.

Mondays bring on feelings of dread and anxiety. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all great days. Mondays, not so much.

There is one thing that can make Mondays a little more bearable. If you were to plan a night out Monday, say at Hops-N-Guac, your favorite Mexican restaurant in Huntsville, then you would have something to look forward to and your Monday might not be so bad.

In the meantime, here are a few reasons why Mondays are bad.

Far Away From the Weekend

You wake up on Monday morning and it is a lot like looking through a long and dark tunnel. There is a point of light, a tiny pinpoint of light that is what we call Friday night. But you have a loooooooooooooong way to go to get there.

Dinner is Just as Bad

Nothing sounds good for dinner because you just suffered through a traumatic experience of getting through Monday. Besides, the kitchen is still dirty because who wants to do dishes over the weekend?

Let’s also factor in the lack of enthusiasm everybody in the family has to cook dinner. Monday should just be cereal night. Of course, this is easily resolved by taking the family out Monday night for tacos.

Existential Crisis

Waking up on Monday morning, you realize that you are spending 90% of your life doing things you don’t like to do. Mondays greet you with an existential crisis and you start asking yourself all sorts of questions.

How did I get caught up in this life?

Will I ever be happy?

Is there meaning to life?

Is pineapple a viable pizza topping?

Don’t get caught in this rabbit hole. Dig out of that hole and come to the realization that you can’t live your life living only on the weekends. And then realize it’s Monday and dig yourself another hole.

You are a Slave

You are a slave to money and your job. You are aware of this, but these facts hit you especially hard on Monday. Mondays make you realize that no matter how much you tell yourself you are an independent individual, there is really no such thing as absolute independence.

There is No Escape

There is a long line at the coffee shop, everybody is stopping at the grocery store after work for milk and everybody is gassing up when you pull into the gas station. It is almost like everyone else did nothing over the weekend and picked Monday to get their tasks completed.

Traffic is Bad

OK, maybe traffic is the same on Monday as it is the rest of the week, it just seems worse because you are in such a foul mood.

Something Will Break

If something is going to break, it will happen on Monday. If you are lucky, the thing that breaks this Monday will be something at work, like the printer or the coffee machine.

The House is a Mess

You set aside some time over the weekend to spiff up the house, but you took a nap instead. Which was great at the time, but you now have to suffer a messy house. You sit at work every Monday thinking about how there are dirty clothes everywhere and floors covered in something sticky.

Make Monday a bit more bearable by enjoying time at Hops-N-Guac.