The best parts of the day are when you finally get to eat. We are guessing that most of you feel this way. After all, who doesn’t like eating?

So then it would make sense that if eating is one of the highlights of your day, going out for dinner would make your day awesome. And it would only get better if you go out for dinner with the one you love.

We have not met a person who doesn’t enjoy a great meal with some solid company. In fact, going out to dinner with your significant other is rather important. So let’s take a look at why taking your spouse to Hops N Guac, your place for good Mexican food in Huntsville, is healthy for your relationship.

What is Date Night?

Date night is a pre-planned evening that a committed couple takes the time to get dressed up and go out for tacos, or hamburgers or tacos. We vote for tacos every time. The key here is that you are doing something together as a couple.

Date night includes leaving the ordinary realm of your daily experiences. You will want to dress differently, act differently and eat something other than leftovers for dinner. Tacos come to mind when thinking about what to eat on date night.


What happens in your home when you get home from work? Typically, there is a conversation with your spouse. It starts off good enough, usually with a question about how good your day went. But then things often go south from there.

You start in on how your boss is a jerk and your spouse counters with a story about a rude customer and in the end, nobody feels good about the direction of the conversation.

But date night breaks up that rut you are in.

On date night, you both come home and talk about how much fun you are going to have going out for tacos and anything else you might be doing on date night. Date night is a great way to de-stress.

Be Like Nike and Just Do It

Unfortunately, that erotic spark you had at the beginning of your relationship often fades. Part of the reason for this is because you both get caught up in work, kids, finances and other stresses of life.

But when you have a date night, you leave all of that at home. Date night allows a couple to maintain a connection through conversation and emotional support. Tacos help as well.

Date nights can be helpful in sustaining the fires of love. So go for it.


We are willing to bet that you have a ritual when you get home from work. You probably sit in the same chair, start the same conversations and eat the same meals for dinner.

Couples typically fall into the habituation trap. That is, they settle in and both are more likely to take each other for granted.

Date night is a novelty, it is an activity you do that is out of the ordinary and quite novel. Just make sure you balance your dinner date with activities that you will both enjoy.


Date night does wonders for the way you communicate with your spouse. This is because you don’t have the interruptions that you have at home and you are far removed from the stresses of work.

Date nights offer the opportunity for a couple to talk about things that are mutually important.

It’s an Adventure

The vibe at our restaurant is quite different than the vibes in your kitchen. Your kitchen can be a quite boring place, there is never a dull or boring moment at Hops N Guac.

Also, follow up your romantic date night dinner with a movie, rollerblading or some other fun activity to complete your adventure.

Creating Memories

What did you have for dinner last Monday? And what did you do after dinner?

Last Monday was a typical day in which no memories were made. But when you go out on a date night, you and your spouse will have memories of the wonderful time you had.

So go ahead and make plans for a date night with your significant other. We suggest you take them to Hops N Guac for dinner and then go from there.