Let’s see. We could bore you with all the details about how we came up with the concept for Hops N Guac. We could ramble on and on about our passion for good food, great beer and awesome games. We could even place a glaring spotlight on our managers and staff members, and their odd shared obsession for tacos, guacamole, and incredible customer service. But, we know our customers, and we know that what you’re really interested in is what’s in it for you.

So here’s what you need to know before visiting:

● Though game participation, desserts and beer drinking are all optional, having a good time is not. Relax, laugh and live a little. It’s good for you and we’re all about healthy living through sinful indulgence.
● Every team member has been thoroughly trained and is exceptionally skilled in the Hops N Guac way. If there is any issue, anything at all (outside of your friends ruthlessly schooling you in wall Scrabble), don’t hesitate to ask an associate for help. They are over-the-top when it comes to pleasing our customers.
● We’re Huntsville’s favorite quick-casual restaurant for a reason. We offer incredible Mexican-fusion fare at the region’s best rates. We craft every meal by hand, using only fresh, high-quality ingredients. Our taps are closely and consistently monitored to ensure the taste of your beer is always on point. And our tacos are to die for.

Anything else you need to know about Hops N Guac can only be discovered by an in-person visit. Your friends have told you. Now we’ve told you. Don’t make us say it again. Get down here.